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Add Some Special Effects to Your Videos Using Sony Vegas Pro

By Princess Purity

On Monday, March 23, 2015

A picture speaks a lot and memories of past events are best kept in pictures and videos. Events like birthday parties, weddings and other major events’ memories can be kept through videos. Such videos need to be of good quality. Sony Vegas Pro is a video editor for all kind of users who want to create videos of good quality through their computer windows. One can make excellent videos through downloading this software which offers a great quality and enhancements.

Though not an easy to use video tool, the best thing is that it has the help option where one can get tutorials which will guide them on applying special effects to their videos. The software also creates all kind of effects for movies like blurring of images, matching colors in order to keep the same environment for a scene to add those unique special effects to your movies. With a good graphic card, you can be able to work smoothly using tools like new filters and third-parties components like plug-ins. Through this, you can add new content to the software making it absolutely impeccable.


  • It provides tutorials in case one experiences any difficulties
  • One can add special effects to their videos
  • It is a free to download software


  • It is not an easy to use video tool
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Creating and Editing Your Own SD, DV and HDV Video Display in a More Professional Way

By Maria Bernabe

On Friday, June 6, 2014

The main window of SONY Vegas Pro seems a little astounding at first sight, as it displays a full screen which is divided into smaller sections. The perfect way to get accustomed to all its features is to take them one by one, and find out the role of each of them.

The main window’s right side is the place where videos are previewed. Through this window, I can play and resolve each clip frame with the click of a button. Also, on the spot recording is enabled, so it is easier for me to quickly mix it in the current project I work on.

The timeline is another unique feature that takes up a large factor of the screen, and it can be used to select the audio background of the project, insert new video clips, add transition effects, and arrange all the objects to achieve a smooth 3D performance.

For beginners, video effects can be added to their video clips while the advanced user are bound to enjoy the adjustments they can give to both audio and video tracks to fit their requirements precisely. When the video has been created, it can be uploaded online or shared on YouTube.

Everyone who is interested in creating their video is welcome to try out SONY Vegas Pro. Despite it was originally designed for professionals as web developers, and 3D artists, the application also comes with a suite of interactive instruction provided by friendly community. To sum up, SONY Vegas Pro is an excellent useful tool for creating 3D home videos in high resolution.


  • Supports devices from AMD and NVIDIA
  • Creates amazing stereoscopic 3D projects with the same ease and agility


  • Needs time for a beginner to master the software
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A Software Package for Video Editing Used By Both Amateurs and Professionals

By Ivy Paloma

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sony’s Vegas Pro is a program for amateurs and professionals. It was formerly published by Sonic Foundry, and now it is run and owned by Sony Creative Software. In my opinion as a user of this program, Vegas Pro is not simple to use, but still it is more comprehensible than other suites out there such as Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Also, this software allows you to work on your videos with freedom. With this software, you can now import your media from various devices including HD videos.

Moreover, the program interface is very similar to other video editors. Using this program, you can now organize audio and video tracks on your work. The best thing here is that you can now freely close, open and arrange the program’s varied components that suit your needs. All in all, Sony Vegas is one of those programs that are entirely worth the effort.


  • Support for loads of formats
  • Loads of video and audio effects and filters


  • This program missing several new and innovative features
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use this faboulos program to edit my videos and make they better and after i can put them on youtube becaus i want to trasmit a good vision

  • i am going to use this program for editing videos on youtube because i am an italian youtuber and i really love sony vegas, its easy and cool.

  • for making video too better than mine and becouse i don't speak english and this message have not signifixcato devo finire le word too short

  • editing my videos for my youtube account and other things such as compilations vlogs gaming videos combos reviews slow mo tutorials mod guides

  • I'm going to download this software to edit videos and put them on youtube and for create enternaiment and to entertain people as my passion

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like the professional pictures in the video because i do professionals videos for my blog with my friend and i don't know how to say now...

  • easy, funny, didactic way to edit videos and have a fast process also have too many ways to express video arts like animation and documentarys

SONY Vegas Pro is a video editor appropriated for all kind of users who want to create videos with good quality in their Windows computers.

Once we download it, Sony brings us a software capable of making excellent editions. Despite that it is oriented to a general public, this video tool may be not too easy. However, it offers a great quality in its components that deserves the try. This version incorporates great enhancements to 9 and 10 previous versions.

If you find out that you have no clue of how to make some special effects or apply certain filters, do not panic. Just check the help section where you will find some tutorials for you to take full advantage of the options provided.

Video novelties

Sony Vegas Pro creates all kind of effects for your movie projects. You can blur the elements you want, match colours in order to keep the same environment for a scene or add special effects thanks to OpenFX enhancements which helps your GPU to apply FX without suffering too much.

The development of this software now includes third-parties components as plug-ins. This helps the user to add new content to this huge software such as new filters or even more effects. The GPU acceleration allows the computer to use its whole potential, this way you will be able to work smoothly in case you have a good graphic card.

More than just video

Sony Vegas Pro includes audio edition and that’s something to take into account. Add music to your videos easily without needing some extra software. Every film needs of a soundtrack and this is your opportunity to create one.

This video tool allows you to include some Virtual Studio Technology (VST) to its features. This way you can integrate virtual instruments like ePianos, guitars or synths and compose directly in the main program. There are also powerful effects like reverbs, flangers or different kind of distortions for the music and the video audio.


There are more options aside from Sony Vegas Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro can be enough for you if you are used to Adobe’s software but it is not so optimized for your computer like this one. AVS Video Editor can be a good option too since it is simpler to use but it can’t offer the same possibilities.

SONY Vegas Pro 13.0.444 Features

Its unique features are listed below:

  • Import and export projects to a wide range of formats (XML and .prproj)
  • New Split icon and improved tools to apply on the timeline
  • UI changes (Vertical windows and Vegas Pro explorer) and new shortcuts to edit audio and video trimming (Trim Start-End mode)
  • Multi format support (XDCAM, NXCAM, AVCHD, MOV, and MVC and MPO for 3D content)
  • Smart Proxy clips edition
  • S-log system support
  • “Match Project to Media” option
  • New Masking Tools to draw rectangles, squares and ovals on desired areas
  • Color Match and Trimmer image options to equalize tones on clips
  • OpenFX standard support for rendering options and effects appliance
  • Layer Dimensionality to add depth to graphics
  • Stereoscopic 3D creation
  • Video Preview device included to monitor audio
  • Titler Pro 1.0 to add and edit titles, animations and templates on sequences
  • DVD Architect Pro to create projects with subtitles, with Photoshop projects

For further information, you can check the developer's website .


Sony Vegas Pro is a powerful video editor with which you will be able to create the movies you always wanted to. Don’t wait more and turn into a big producer in this business.

Some functions are restricted.

  • Optimized
  • Great effects
  • Audio edition
  • It may be difficult
  • High requirements